The Tapestry Network Sisterhood is ALL about encouraging, empowering and elevating women in life, business, and Faith!


  • To accept women for who they are, without judgement
  • To encourage women to seek Jesus 
  • To encourage women to know who they are and whose they are
  • To encourage women to see their true value and worth in God’s eye
  • To encourage women to weave together their life, business and Faith so they can live complete and full lives.


  • To use my time and talents for the greater good and God’s Kingdom 
  • To support women as they grow in Faith and business knowing the same will be done for me 
  • To listen and pray
  • To share resources and connections
  • To attend events hosted by The Tapestry Network and our members.


  • To give referrals
  • To give shout-outs/testimonials on social media
  • To share each other’s social media posts
  • To help each other find power partners/referral partners 
  • To handout each other’s business cards and marketing materials to others

We will deliver on our promises or your next year's membership investment is FREE*

We know the power of showing up, investing in relationships, thinking about others more than yourself and being in-service to others is the best way to grow your business, your income, and your impact.

Our guarantee* to you is you will see growth in your business, income, and impact by your involvement as a member of The Tapestry Network. If not, your annual Membership Investment for year two is covered by us!


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