We See You Because We Are You
We See You Because We Are You

The Tapestry Network Mission

To create a space of grace for businesswomen that ignites freedom and inspiration. We are dedicated to guiding women on a journey from a fragmented existence to becoming the whole, integrated woman that God intended them to be. We are dedicated to encouraging, empowering, equipping, and elevating women in all areas of their lives!

The Purpose...

Our purpose is clear:

  • We are committed to transforming fragmentation into freedom.
  • We are driven by a profound desire to build a community that not only supports one another but also aligns with God's kingdom. Our focus is to unite women with servant hearts, all sharing a deep longing to see every woman live a life of wholeness!
  • To provide a space of grace for women called into the marketplace, where they can be ignited with freedom and inspiration. Here, it is the norm to be empowered, encouraged, equipped, and elevated as Christ-centered women. We are committed to boosting their confidence and increasing their impact by fostering a supportive environment that recognizes and values their identity in Christ.
  • Our ultimate goal is to silence the voice of the enemy and expand the voice of God so that every woman can fulfill her calling without hesitation or apology.!

What it means to Live Life Woven In:

  • Embracing sisterhood and receiving support on your journey as a Christ-centered woman in business.
  • Comfortably integrating faith into every aspect of your life and drawing inspiration for business, faith, and life from motivational and educational speakers.
  • Embracing prayer, praise, and worship, and experiencing business growth by supporting other Christ-centered businesses in commerce.
  • Prioritize life balance in all dimensions—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 
  • Accountability to help you stay on track in meeting your goals as a business owner and follower of Jesus.
  • Fresh ideas to encourage, empower, equip, and elevate you and your business.

Our Story

As Christ-following businesswomen, we often found that few understood the unique challenges and needs we faced. This realization led us to establish a global sisterhood, complete with local Marketplace Experiences, National Conferences, and an online community, all aimed at helping women live up to their distinctive callings in the marketplace.

Within the sisterhood and community of The Tapestry Network, God has blessed us with a space where we can discover His definition of success for the whole woman. We understood that this mission couldn't be accomplished alone; it required genuine relationship-building, business education, and spiritual support from like-hearted women to turn our dreams into reality.

And The Tapestry Network was born!

Tapestry Culture

What is the Tapestry Network?

Growing in Business

Meet the Founder

With her heart for service, Stephanie has always been a champion for change. Her whole life has been about supporting and building-up people, teams, and communities. And like many women she has wrestled with her identity...not good enough, not smart enough and the list goes on.

YET... as she continues to walk-out her life journey, she has found healing and truth is in living a transparent life. She uses her God given voice (she was paid not to speak as a child) as a weapon against the enemy of man. Her life charge is to right the injustices of shame, lies and fears. To take back what belongs to the Kingdom of God and His daughters with a special heart for women in the marketplace.

In 2008, Stephanie began to realize everywhere she showed up she wasn't who people that she was. Not only was she feeling lost, she felt like she didn't belong anywhere and was living a fragmented life. At church, she could not show up as a businesswoman, and in the marketplace, she could not show-up with her Faith front and center. After many conversations and a lot of research, she discovered many other women in the marketplace, both professionals and entrepreneurs, that are Christ-followers also felt fragmented. Nowhere truly allowed them to show up in our fullness.

She continued to find herself in the same space, and finally said enough is enough! After spending a lot of time trying to find a place where she would be accepted for who she was, a businesswoman AND a Christ-foller, she couldn't find anything to be woven into. After much prayer, God gave her a vision and from that she was able to design what she was looking for herself and others like her. In 2011, Stephanie launched The Tapestry Network, a business membership community, to bring women together in a space of grace where they can grow their businesses, incomes, impact, and Faith. No drama. No judgement. To be uniquely who God has called them to be without apology!

Stephanie Sherwood holding a sign that says I wanna see women win!


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